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Bharat Bazar offers a wide selection of authentic Indian groceries. Our commitment for delivering quality and value to our customers has made us the go-to destination for the largest variety of Indian groceries in the Bay Area.

Three Convenient Locations to Better Serve You

Bharat Bazar has three convenient locations in Fremont, Union City and Sunnyvale, to make finding the Indian groceries you need easy. 

Bay Area Eyebrow Threading Boutiques

If your eyebrows are unruly, we welcome you into one of our three eyebrow threading boutiques where one of our experts will perfectly shape and define your brows.

Stop by and visit us!

Fremont Location:
3400 Mowry Avenue
Fremont, CA 94538

Sunnyvale Location:
1165 Reed Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Union City Location:
34301 Alvarado Niles
Union City, CA 95487

Threading Boutiques

Three Bay Area Locations

Eyebrow threading is an ages-old hair removal technique that has been practiced for centuries in Asia and the Middle East. When compared to tweezing or waxing, eyebrow threading is a much preferred hair removal method and especially for those with sensitive skin as the process removes hair from the follicle without causing pain and skin irritation. When you have your eyebrows threaded, you will quickly achieve very well-defined eyebrows that are neat, attractive and clean.

Bharat Bazar is very pleased to be able to offer professional eyebrow threading in our three locations in Fremont, Sunnyvale and Union City. If you are tired of constantly having to tweeze or wax away unwanted hairs from your brows, eyebrow threading is a service you should definitely consider.


41081 Fremont Blvd.
Fremont, CA 94538

Monday: Closed                                                            

Tuesday to Sunday: 12pm to 8pm                                                      



1165 Reed Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Monday: Closed                                                            

Tuesday to Sunday: 12pm to 8pm



Union City

34301 Alvarado Niles
Union City, CA 95487

Monday to Friday: 11am to 8pm                   

Saturday & Sunday: 12pm to 8pm




What is Threading?

Threading involves taking two entwined pieces of cotton thread and wrapping them around the unwanted hairs wherein they’re removed in one fluid movement. Instead of tugging on the skin, this process gently and effectively removes the hair from the follicle for less pain and irritation. Threading does not leave the skin red & inflamed like tweezing and waxing can as there is far less contact with the skin.

Unlike waxing which is harsh on the skin, threading is an all-natural hair removal method that uses no chemicals that can burn and damage the skin. Eyebrow threading does not pull on the skin like tweezing which if done regularly, can lead to sagging and fine wrinkles. Threading eyebrows is faster than both tweezing and waxing because several hairs are removed at once with no time spent waiting for anything to dry or harden. The hair is simply removed in one swift, artistic motion. And since threading removes the hair root from the follicle, it is a longer-lasting hair removal method that lasts for three to four weeks.

Looking For The  Best Way to Achieve Perfectly Groomed Eyebrows?

The sheer effectiveness, long-lasting results and very reasonable cost are a few more of the many benefits associated with eyebrow threading. When you visit Bharat Bazar for eyebrow threading in Fremont, Sunnyvale or Union City, you will leave our shop with very attractive, well-defined eyebrows that perfectly frame your eyes while complementing your unique facial features. You will be full of confidence when spending time around others knowing that your eyebrows look amazing for a big boost of self-esteem!

If you’re ready to enjoy the many benefits offered by eyebrow threading, simply drop into any one of our three locations at a time that’s convenient for you. We look forward to seeing you soon and helping you achieve amazingly beautiful eyebrows you can be very proud of!

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