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Cool Facts about Sikhism

Sikhism is the 5th largest religion in the world. Notably known as the warrior class in India, Sikhs fought gallantly during India’s struggle to independence. Sikhs are comprised of over 26 million followers worldwide of which 19 million reside in India - specifically in the state of Punjabi. The religion started in India about 500 years ago. 

It’s a fascinating religion where equal rights for women, justice/liberty for all, tolerance and seeing god as a unifying force that serves as a moral compass to navigate through the waters of life. Today we wanted to share 5 interesting facts about Sikhism. 

 The Turban Demystified 


In India seeing a turban is about as unique as seeing the sun, meaning no one really pays attention because it’s so common place, but today we wanted to share the importance behind the turban. It’s worn as observance to the religion. It symbolizes discipline, humanity, integrity and spirituality. Those that wear the turban do not cut their hair as it’s paying homage and respect to god because everything in creation is a gift from the divine.

The Art of Giving

Gudwara’s are where Sikh’s pray. These beautiful temple like structures can be found in all parts of the world. In almost every Gudwara you can find volunteers giving food to the public irrespective of religion or race. The Gurudwara Sis Ganj Sahib is one of the oldest temples in Delhi, India and since the 18th century they’ve been feeding the public 2 meals a day, everyday. From the preparation of the food, to the washing of the dishes, it’s all done by volunteers.



Although Sikhs only eat lacto-vegetarian food in temples, eating meat is permitted in Sikhism. Sikhs believe that humans carry the highest form of what a living entity can become in this life and that plants, animals and minerals carry the same energy content.

The Khanda


The Khanda is the Sikhs religious symbol. It signifies the creative power of god and the swords that surround the symbol serve as a metaphor for freedom from evil and making sure above all, justice prevails for those being treated unfairly and unequally.

The Concept of God


Sikhs believe in one god. They also refer to god as “Ik Onkar” or one constant. In Sikhism god has no gender. Also god is "Akaal Purkh" (beyond time and space) and "Nirankar" (without form).

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