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10 Mind Blowing Facts About Hinduism!!

1. The religion is so ancient that its founder or historical time frame is unknown. It's developed over time taking influences, changes and evolution from many different sources. Through archeological research, some scientist gather the religion can be as old as 5000-10000 b.c


2. Hinduism is not the name of the religion. It's become that only because Greeks and Arabs saw a different civilization of people that lived by the Sindhu River. The real name for Hinduism is Sanatana Dharma which means eternal truth. 


3. Hinduism is the world's 3rd largest religion. 15.1% of the world population, 80% of India's and close to 1% of the U.S


4. Hinduism is NOT monotheistic. To the contrary of popular belief, Hinduism believes that one god comes in many forms, and worship is the choice of the benefactor. 


5. The number 108 is important to Hindus. Malas and Garlands contain 108 beads. This number is said to first come from the calculation of the ratio in diameters of the Earth and Sun - with the Sun being 108 times the size of Earth. 

6. Men and Woman are worshipped in Hinduism with equal reverence. In fact Lord Shiva is often represented by a statue called the Lingam where male and female reproductive parts are present thus evoking the unifying force of all creation. 



The symbol OM that has been popularized by the Yoga movement represent the cosmic sound of the universe. Everything is born and will die out of this cosmic sound. If you're quiet enough and the mind is unencumbered with thoughts you can actually hear it. 


8. Angkor Wat in Cambodia is a temple that the king of the time of its inception dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Today you can see symbols and scenes from Hindu Scripture carved in stone throughout the palace.


9. The ultimate goal of Hinduism is to attain salvation or moksha. It's the release from the cycle of birth and death also called samsara and the end of karma which is the actions of good and bad that can aid or dismiss the pursuit to enlightenment. 


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