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10 Interesting facts about India that you had no idea about!

India is a place full of mystery, colors, fragrant spices, delicious food and joyous people. At Bharat Bazar we're continuously learning more about Indian culture and we know there is a lots left to uncover. Today we wanted to share 10 things you may not have known about the beautiful country from the East. 

1. Forget burning man, The Kumbh Mela is the ultimate spiritual cleanse for the soul seeker. 4 times in the course of 12 year,  millions of people get together to celebrate the planets and the confluence of 4 rivers. It is believed that every 12 years the rivers will contain Amrita - or immortality, so everyone bathes and drinks the water. What's ever more amazing is that you can see the gathering from space. 

2. The idea of shampoo was invented in India. The sanskrit word for shampoo is champoo - which means to massage. They didn't have head and shoulders back then, instead they used herbs and water to clean their hair. 

3. It's no so surprise that elephants are sacred in India. Check out our story on the myth of Ganesha. In a sanctuary in Kerala elephants receive baths, massages and even food! 

4. The only country that has more english speakers than America is India. About 125 million people. That is close to half of the US population and double the United Kingdom's. 

5. Speaking of languages India has the largest diversity of linguistics. Over 1000+ languages are spoken today - with Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, Urdu and Bengali being the mostly widely spoken. 

6. India has the largest active democracy in the world. A polling station is set even in the most remote villages. Even families that don't live near villages will have a polling station especially for them. 

7. India produces the most movies of any country in the world. About 1000 movies are produced throughout the continent, but only 200 are Bollywood films. The majority of the movies are made in South India. 

8. Checkmate! The beautiful game of Chess was born in India around 550 A.D during the Gupta Empire

9. For the most part, cows run free in India. It's not uncommon to see these large herbivorous creatures roaming through the busiest city streets. Cows are considered sacred and eating their meat is forbidden in most places because they plow the fields, give milk and are indispensable to the farmer. 

10. 40% of the population in India are vegetarians - making it the most in the world. Instead of the McChicken, McDonalds created the McAloo Tiki which is the same incarnation except with potatoes. 


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