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5 Reasons to Travel to India

If you're contemplating your next travel destination then you should definitely consider India!

Many people have traveled to India and come back with transformative experiences. Today I wanted to touch on 5 Reasons why India should be your next destination. 


This is usually my defining reason for visiting any country but India is special because it is known across the world for its street food. Food Propritors all over the country specialize in a few dishes but those few dishes are exeptional. Most food stalls are family run businesses and have been passed down for generations. Don't be afraid of Street Food. You tell me which is safer - a chef who is preparing your dish right in-front of your eyes or one in the shadows? 


I once asked my non-indian friend who traveled to India to describe what he felt spiritually. He said if the world was a city then India would be its temple. This was surprising news coming from someone who grew up going to Catholic school. He later explained that spirituality in India is about cultivating love for the self. He said through practices like Meditation and Yoga which are available everywhere you become more in tune with what your purpose is. 


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Be prepared to be greeted with lots of smiles and the patented Indian head nod. In India the saying "Atithi Devo Bhava" or "The Guest is God" reigns supreme. It's a huge honor to have guests in an Indian home. If you do travel, please take advantage of the home stays which are growing more and more popular because you will get an authentic experience of the culture, traditions and people. 


From the iconic Taj Mahal to the ancient temples and monuments, India's culture is rich in history. Like many of the countries of the world, India's story is one of turmoil, colonialism, wars and freedom. Many of the religious and historic monuments still remain intact today and are visited by millions of tourists and locals yearly. 


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One of the greatest things about traveling to India from the United States is that the dollar is strong. When you go to India you are doing two things simultaneously. You are helping out the countries economy and having a good time doing it! As time goes on, India's economy will flourish and things will get expensive, so travel soon and enjoy!

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